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RSP II - Raw Strength & Power II


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The program is accessible via an app powered by the coaching platform Fitr.

Raw Strength & Power II is a 12-week cycle that we have put forward as an alternative to redoing the first cycle again and again. This cycle is even more challenging than its predecessor, though the ultimate goal remains the same - to develop an all-around stronger and more powerful athlete.

The weightlifting part continues to be made up of a mix of power versions of Olympic lifts and plyometrics, but with a higher degree of complexity and overall volume. Also, the focus has shifted from the push jerk to the split jerk. 

The strength part is now centered around the front squat rather than the back squat, and more time will be dedicated to the deadlift. 

Each week consists of five training sessions, and each session should be completed in less than two hours.