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Running 101 (ELITE)


While some people love running and others hate it, the truth is that most people like what they are good at and dislike what they are bad at. Regardless of your starting point, getting better at running has been made easier than ever with Running 101!

This program is reserved for good runners and for those who have successfully completed Running 101 (INTERMEDIATE), but are looking to get even better.

The structure of Running 101 (ELITE) is similar to that of Running 101 (INTERMEDIATE), being split into three 4-week cycles with a total duration of 12 weeks - but having four rather than three weekly sessions. The sessions are programmed using minutes instead of distance and are based on your own rate of perceived exertion. This makes the program tailored to the level of the individual, and it means that it’s not a prerequisite to have a watch and/or heart rate monitor at your disposal.