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Time & Location
14th of October 2023 – 15th of October 2023
Soulnest Fitness Club, Via Tiberina n.44 km 15,200 Capena (RM) 00060, Italy

Weightlifting is a very difficult sport. The secret to success is to build a strong technical foundation. In our seminars, we are wholly concerned with building that foundation perfectly - brick by brick.

The Weightlifting 101 Weekend Seminar is your opportunity to take your barbell game to the next level. The seminar is demanding and the participants are expected to be punctual, eager to learn and ready to put in work!

Anyone who fulfills the following requirements can attend:

  1. You have a good command of the English language (unless it has been announced that a translator will be present).
  2. You are free of any injuries.
  3. You have a positive attitude, a genuine interest in learning and a willingness to work hard.


Soulnest Fitness Club, Via Tiberina n.44 km 15,200 Capena (RM) 00060, Italy


12th of April 2024 - 14th of April 2024


To be announced