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Competition Prep


This goal of this program is to make you peak for a competition 4 weeks from now, through heightened specificity, considerable lowering of volume, and maintenance of high intensity. The program starts with 5 weekly sessions and ends with 3.

The program is based on deloading principles and on making the CNS fire on all cylinders come competition day. The challenge is in limiting yourself from doing more than the program prescribes - trust the process and understand that the reduction in volume is a crucial component of the program!

A large portion of the lifts are full snatches and full clean & jerks from the floor with only slight variations. The volume of auxiliary exercises such as pulls and squats are reduced - the focus is simply shifted away from building strength and all attention is diverted towards improving speed and power by keeping sets and reps low. Accessory work (i.e. bodybuilding) is reduced to only the essential movements.