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The term 'powerbuilding' is a hybrid between 'powerlifting' and 'bodybuilding', and the essence of this concept is that there is a symbiotic and synergistic relationship between size and strength/power - you cannot fire a cannon from a canoe. 
This program is the Weightlifting 101 manifestation of the above philosophy.

The program consists of five weekly sessions, the first four sessions of the week being our version of a push/pull split. On push days, you will be squatting and pressing, and on pull days, you will be working your posterior chain and training your upper body pulling.

The 5th weekly session focuses on strongman/odd object exercises and strength endurance, testing both lungs, strength and grit.

Please note that if you purchase Powerbuilding through our site, you will receive the program as a PDF file. If you prefer, we also have the program available on the coaching platform Fitr where you can access the program in a calendar format via the Fitr app.