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Road To +5 Strict T2B/T2R


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There are no prerequisites for this cycle, but if you are already able to do 5 or more unbroken strict toes-to-bar/toes-to-rings, we recommend Road To +10 Strict T2B/T2R.

The cycle consists of two sessions per week for six weeks in total. It is recommended that you keep the weekly sessions 48-72 hours apart in order to be fully recovered.

No equipment is required other than a pull-up bar or gymnastic rings.


Combine & Save 20%

We highly recommend combining different gymnastics cycles as this approach offers a chance to improve on a wider scale. These are our most popular combinations:

1) A strict pull-up cycle + a strict handstand push-up cycle
2) A strict ring muscle-up cycle + a handstand walk cycle
3) A strict bar muscle-up cycle + a strict toes-to-bar cycle

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